Why You Don’t Have A Girlfriend

Going through your twenties, alone, is not such a fun thing to do and you probably asked yourself this question many times before.

See, for a long time, I thought that the aspects I will highlight in the following words are common sense, however, I am disappointed to see how today’s men tend to throw their theories about women and relationships without having any knowledge nor experience to sustain their ideas.

You don’t know anything about women.

Unless you will start educating yourself, your life will continue being a mess.

The shortest answer I can find for this question is that you don’t deserve it! – yes, you don’t –  and if you will continue following me, you will realize that you need to do some serious changes into your life. Let me tell you why you are not deserving a woman into your life, yet!

You believe women are looking only after money.

See gentleman, money doesn’t mean shit whenever it comes to a relationship. It’s a plus, but it won’t create a connection.

Financial abundance creates an illusion of stability, protection and success and that’s why women tend to be attracted to those rich guys. In fact, what’s actually attractive to those guys is the confidence that comes with their fame.

Money, alone won’t make any difference in their life.

Grow up already, stop believing that women are gold diggers.

Have you ever met a gold digger?

No, you never did!

You’re just a spineless child that need to hide his failures after some stupid theories imposed by our society.

You are not attractive.

Harsh truth? I am not talking specific about looks. Attraction come in many forms and variables, I will need a new article to explain it, but looks don’t really matter. Or, looks doesn’t matter as much as you think.

Everyone was born with their own genes and yes, you can never change that.

Attraction is a vibe within yourself, a positive vibe that describes a feeling of confidence, happiness, stability.

Yes, men with a six-pack or a big fat bank account tend to be more attractive than the average man, that’s simply because of their high self-esteem and confidence.

There are things, like your height, that you can’t really change but if you strongly believe that your attraction level is related to your body weight, then what stops you from losing some weight, you lazy fuck?

You feel like are not worthy.

The feeling of not being worthy or not deserving a specific thing in life, it is actually very spread within our community and its coming lately as a very serious problem.

This is exactly what keeps you on hold from progressing at this specific moment and it can evolve to a point where it will be hardly treatable.

Don’t be scared and start being honest with yourself.

See, this feeling of not being worthy, is much more complex than you think and I will detail it in a future article. But for the moment, it relies on your confidence and self-esteem levels.

Look into the mirror, write down what you like about yourself and what you could change. Identify, those little things that you could immediately change in order to regain your self-esteem.

You believe you are fat? Or you spend too much time playing video games? You feel useless in the house or you think you need a new haircut.


You can always lose some weight, you can always end up your gaming journey and go out for a fresh breath of air.

Cleaning your room, helping your family will definitely improve your self-esteem, people will start seeing yourself different and on the top of that, you will start seeing yourself much worthy.

You believe that women like bad guys.

What do you mean by a bad guy?

A man full of confidence, that can stand up for himself, a man that can provide security and protection, a man that will hustle all day to make sure he can provide his family all they need?

What’s wrong with that?

What’s wrong with you?

Being a “bad guy” or a “douchebag” is not an easy thing to do, in fact, you can probably never be one.

Women demand stability and security, they need to be protected, they need to be told what to do. Who can do that better than a man who knows exactly what he is after in life?

Stop being naïve and grow some balls.

You are being too nice.

Uhm, in fact, you are not even “nice”, truth to be told.

This is only a strategy that spineless man do in order get closer to a girl.

Girls don’t even like that.

You actually show them how needy and desperate you are.

You supposed to be a pillar, a man with well-chosen principles.

What you’re doing by being “nice” is exactly the opposite, you’re showing up all your insecurities. Being “nice” is not attractive at all, for fuck sake, stop doing it.

You are going all-in with your emotions. 

That would be my first and the strongest advice on “How to lose a girl in a minute”.

If you want to do that, then go ahead: tell her how much you like her, tell her how much she means to you, make all your feelings known and congratulations, you lost her forever!

Now let’s get back on our point, girls are a source of continuous emotions and they need a man that can handle all the variety of feelings that can come to his way. That’s why “douchebags” are seen more attractive because they don’t really give a fuck.

Imagine now switching the roles of you becoming the source of emotions and the women listening to you. Exactly, you supposed to handle her not the opposite.

You put too much effort into it.

A relationship is based on reciprocal love and effort between 2 individuals.

Imagine it this way, a relationship is a connection that supposed to be fulfilled by 50% from both parts.

If one part, however, submits much more effort (70%) this means the other party will be entitled to the lower effort (30%).

Too much of you makes her see you less valuable.

She has literally nothing to work for, she already has everything on you. So she is moving forward, she seeks for that guy who is not even looking at her, and by that, his attention becomes more valuable.

You are waiting for a movie-like romance.

Okay, shake up your naïve shit.

This is not a movie, this is the reality.

Whatever you see in a movie, will never, ever happen into the real life. A movie is based on scripts, good lights and acting.

Those guys you see in movies and you want to act like them are most probably very boring and lame in real life.

Grow up and realize a woman don’t need Brad Pitt or George Clooney. They just need a man that will be there for them, a man that can protect them, make them feel comfortable and remove their insecurities.

Yes, women love to see hot, famous guys on ads or in movies but they will never want one in their life, they are too smart to know that those famous guys won’t be always there only for them.

You need more experience.

Gentleman, be honest with yourself and highlight what you can and what you can’t have.

Lower your standards a bit for the moment, gain some experience. You need a strong mentality to approach the ’10’ you saw across the street, and truth to be told, you wouldn’t even date yourself.

Try to experiment as much as you can, go out, socialize, make new friends. You need someone to tell you where you are wrong and what you need to change about yourself.

Hopefully, I checked the most common aspects of this “phenomenon” of why you don’t have a girlfriend yet and I don’t want to discourage you in any way. I am just keeping things real, I want to make you realize your mistakes and improve your game.


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