She Is Out of Your League

Alright, I will let you know my opinion about this thing also.

Not sure what you’re expecting to hear but yes, there is actually a “league system”, different statuses and you don’t belong into the top of them.

Please let me explain.

Society got this whole thing wrong.

For them, it is all about your looks.

But that’s a complete bullshit. How you look shouldn’t place you on any higher social scale than the others but apparently, it does.. or at least that’s how you perceive them.

You see, looks itself doesn’t influence the way you are seen by people.

It’s all about the vibe within yourself that makes you different.

Just imagine how would you feel if you would know that everyone perceives you as the most handsome guy alive. Would you feel confident? Would your self-esteem level sky-rocket? Would you feel any way superior to the others? More dominant? More special.

Yes, you would.

See, it’s not really the looks but the “advantages” that come with it.

You don’t fit into that category of good looking people, not because of how you look but the way you feel.

You have to match with the people you want to create a connection with.

If you want to connect with a millionaire, you would need to match or at least compete with his level of wealth, success and attitude.

Now you would think, then why a successful millionaire always marry a broke but gorgeous women?

Well, firstly you can’t always be a match to all the criteria of that guy but she can compete with most of them. Attitude, self-esteem, confidence, positivity, strong mentality, high-expectations.

And for what she can’t compete, money, in this case, she brings something else to the table, in this case – her looks.

This way, it compensates, he is wealthy but ugly, she is beautiful but broke.

Does it make sense now?

Now, whenever you see a hot woman you are attracted to, ask yourself if you would actually match her category.

Most of the time, you can find the answer just by the way you feel.

If her presence makes you feel insecure, unworthy and low-level, then most certainly you don’t meet the requirements for her “league”, at least yet!

Remember, pretty much everything can be improved into your life, including your looks.

Take a new haircut, take care of your skin, wear some decent clothes, add some elegant accessories to your outfit and here you go, you successfully improved your looks.

But that wouldn’t make any big difference to your game.

There are so many other variables you have to improve in order to fit into a higher category.

You have to work on your attitude, mentality, self-esteem, personality, character and so on.

Stop falling for that lie on where better looks will bring you different types of women. It won’t unless you were born with it.

Then your perception of reality would have been different because you were grown with it and there was plenty of time for you to get used to it and taste all its “advantages”.

If that would have been the case, you probably wouldn’t be on this blog right now.

See gentlemen, this “league” system is much more complex than you imagined.

But there is always a place to improve and dominate it.

There are so many aspects you can immediately change and that will affect the others.

Stop focusing on what you can’t change.

We both know it’s kinda hard to change your height, but you can bring something else on to the table.

You can be a hell sexy short guy. You can be smart, you can be successful.

Leave aside what you can’t fix and focus on what you can do.

You will see, in the end, your height doesn’t even matter. Women will fall for all the other aspects of you.

I hope it makes sense, I will answer all your emails as soon as possible.