I thought that I should approach this subject as well since we talk a lot about women but we never actually talked about sex.

That’s because getting laid is not the main goal for this blog. In fact, it shouldn’t be the ultimate goal when you see yourself with a woman. I

try to educate people on how to behave, I try to motivate them to become their best version. Changing yourself will, in the end, bring you to that part, of course.

The only reason you didn’t have sex by now it’s because of you, your attitude that keep women away and that you will need to change.

You might wonder why there are men who get laid like literally every night and you are still trying to figure out how to talk to a girl.

I believe it’s kinda common sense, you two see things differently. You’ve never had sex so you’re attitude towards it’s  slightly different.

You are scared, you are doubting, you are questioning your manhood.

Because you never slept with a woman, you are creating this assumption inside your brain, that tells you that you need to wait a little more. It is all correlated to your confidence level and your experience.

It doesn’t matter what you’re telling your friends, regardless of how much you desire to sleep with a woman, you are yet not feeling comfortable with this idea. And it’s nothing to blame.

You just have to see the situation a little different.

Most men fail on this because they focus too much on this part of a relationship and they completely forget what they have to build to bring a woman in bed.

No women will ever sleep with you if she is not comfortable with you. The worst part, you’re not feeling comfortable with yourself either. That sucks, right?

There is a lot of trusts you have to build in order to get that girl into your bed and that’s what I’m trying to explain on this blog.

Every woman want to have sex, more than you do, you never have to question that. But you have to make her offer herself to you.

You can’t really do that now and here is where I want to help. Getting her in bed will come naturally, this is probably the easiest part.

You don’t have to be scared for the first time. You don’t have to know what to do, you will figure it out. It might not be the best sex ever, but you will improve.

If she likes you, she just wants to be with you.

Doesn’t really matter how your performance looks like, she will give you many other chances to get things right if your ego is really affected about that.

You don’t have to hurry on this. Your priority should be making the women think about you and not throwing her in bed.

See, the fantasy about you that she creates into her mind is beyond your imaginations. She is building a version of you that you will never be.

She will get wet only by thinking about you so trust me, when in bed, she will make sure you’re not going to disappoint.

Gentleman, if this is your mentality right now, realize that there are much more important things you should consider first rather than getting laid.