Aren’t you sometimes wondering why some people seem to have so much success in life, while you keep on failing?

I remember, back in time, I had this friend that managed to pull the girl’s number every damn time.

I was wondering why the hell it always worked for him, especially since he wasn’t a great looking guy.

He was overweight, he was wearing those very large clothes, he had no style and he didn’t even groom himself properly.

Despite that, every woman seems to like him.

And no, he wasn’t rich either.

Years later I realized what was the actual reason that stood behind his success and from that moment on I am applying the same principle every single day.

And that is related to expectations.

There is this law that states that 85% of what you expect to happen … will.

Does it make sense?

This guy was always expecting for the best outcome, he never, ever considered a negative one. He had no idea how a rejection felt like. He was always expecting to get the girls number. So he does.

See it this way.

Life doesn’t give you what you want, but what you expect.

Yes, you want the highest grade at the exam, but considering your amount of effort you imputed, you expect a failure rather than a success. And it’s a high chance you will face it.

Failure on approaching women relies mostly on the fact that you kinda expect to fail, taking in consideration your previous experiences.

Most important is that our sense of expectation is hardly written in our beliefs system and most of the time it’s hard to change them without changing our beliefs.

If you believe you can’t bring a woman home because of the way you look, it’s hard to expect other than a failure when trying to approach.

Anyway, you can always work around this by adopting a positive attitude.

Your attitude towards the situation will improve, so will your expectations.

Confidence also has a huge impact on your expectation level. When you are confident, you simply know that the outcome can’t be other than a positive one.

So, always keep in mind that whatever you expect to happen, most probably will.

Use this to your advantage. Always expect the best.

In fact, it can’t go another way.

Every each of us was born to be successful but most are doubting this and expect a negative outcome.

I cannot find a reason on why do people hurt themselves this way but I’m here to make you avoid this.

Having high expectation from yourself is one way to improve, to achieve that true successful personality.

Spread the knowledge.