It’s been a while since my last post on the blog.

There were a lot going on in my life recently, lessons that would probably make the content for some future articles. However, I continue reading all the emails I get from you and I will try to address them all as long as my time allows.

Anyway, I noticed that there is a lot of noise and misunderstanding around this topic of how to make a woman think about you or, what it takes to keep a woman interested in you.

You see, the answer is pretty much obvious … keep yourself interesting. You should understand that, women lose interest in you for the simple fact that you are getting boring.

How is this happening?

Regardless of what you might think, you become boring whenever you put too much effort into it. Too much attention makes you look clingy and this is a big turn off for a woman.

That’s what the “nice guys” do, overwhelm the women with gifts, compliments and their “full attention” in order to keep them interested.

And here comes the misunderstanding.

Many of us was raised with the idea of being over-nice to girls but you have to understand that they are getting attracted to what you are and not to what you do.

Now you can see that, the effort you invest into a relationship, mean pretty much nothing. Whenever you do too much, women lose interest simply because you become too transparent. They get to know everything about you, any shade of mystery will be gone… so their interest.

You become a boring presence.

A lot of you are wondering how to become the perfect guy, that guy that all the women fall for.

Truth is, you are never going to be perfect. Trying to build the perfect man, that mysterious, dominant, masculine, unpredictable guy, out of yourself is a complete waste of time. That’s just a movie character, not a human being.

Nobody can cover all those traits. If you believe that you need to be all of that in order to keep women around you, you’re just lying to yourself.

The only thing you can do is to be perceived like that.

Inside a women mind, you can be all of that and much more. As long as you are not showing all of yourself, as long you let enough room for imagination, you are going to become a fantasy.

She will see you the way she thinks you are, simply because you didn’t show her the reality. And you never have to do it. Let her wonder, let her imagination take over reality and fill all the empty dots about you.

That’s how you become attractive. By lowering your effort, showing less of you and sparking the imagination.

Nice guys are doing the exact opposite, they are too honest, too predictable. There is nothing interesting about them because they already showed all they’ve got.

You have to find the perfect mix of niceness and being an asshole.

Just let her wonder why you did this and that.

You see, keeping a woman attached to you is all about being less transparent. Every woman are having some standards or traits they look into a guy and probably they will never find anyone to meet them all. But you can let her believe that you are the way she wants you to be.

Be a little bit of everything, just enough to catch her attention.

And that’s all it takes, mixing it up will keep her interested. You are not an asshole, nor a nice guy. You let her decide who you are.

That’s what pretty much takes to keep her interested in you. Hopefully, I will be writing more articles in the next weeks.