This article was requested by many readers of this blog. I personally see things in a more positive light than the emails I received and I will try to explain it in the following words. My intention is to add a different view over the subject and hopefully, someone will find it useful.

Excuse the poor format and grammatical errors.

What is an introvert?  How to social interact as an introvert? How to avoid being awkward or creepy?

I am going to follow this questions structure and try to propose out an answer to every each of them.

I did some research about this, I had to read a couple of articles about the advantages of being an introvert or an extrovert and apparently society already found an answer for us.

This days being an introvert seem to become an undesirable trait while extroverts start to become idolized. Apparently, being an extrovert is the secret to success. And that’s a big bullshit.

I consider myself an introvert and I owe all my success to this fact.

Nowadays, people tend to associate introvert with shyness and fear. Which is totally wrong.

Introverts are not by any means more afraid, spineless or lack in masculinity than the extroverts. It’s just that introverts are way more sensitive than the “normal” people.

And this is because introverts tend to really feel people who are around them on a deeper level.

People are talking a lot these days but they really mean something else. While others just listen to words, introverts are able to feel what they really mean and think.

This is somehow a gift too but introverts can’t be around people all the time. They tend to enjoy the time more when they are on their own – away from any noise and chatter.

Introverts are more successful because the focus of introverts is often stronger and so is the way they do things.

Regardless of what society thinks, it is not bad to be an introvert at all. I even somehow think that it is healthy because if you are like this, you feel when you need to step away from all the people and opinions to get some time for yourself. This gives you important balance back which most people in today’s times don’t have anymore.

Now in terms of social interaction, we need to understand what makes the background of a powerful connection and why I believe that introverts have a big advantage ahead.

Interacting with people is nothing else than an exchange of value and the most importantly and exchange of emotions.

Yes, the words alone are meaningless unless they carry an emotional charge behind them.

People feel the need to interact with each other so they can express their emotions.

Our mind is getting bored very fast and it needs to be entertained. That’s why we seek to interact with different kind of people that can potentially make us feel different than the usual. And that’s why we are getting attached to anything or anyone that can get us experience different corners of our emotions.

Because, around certain people, we feel different. We are different.

And that’s how you stand out of the crowd. The more emotions you arouse into a person, the more attached they will get to you. You can pretty much get people do whatever you want.

And who can understand and use emotions better than an introvert? An individual who see and react to the reality based on his feelings.

See where I’m going?

Introverts are aware of what they’re feeling and can easily detect the emotional state of the person they’re interacting with. This way they own the interaction simply by playing with the vibe behind the words.

Just knowing that people react to your emotions, you can literally get anyone hooked on you.

Despite “normal” persons, introverts have to ability to express unique emotions of different intensities and categories and can actually make you “feel them”.

Sadly, most introverts are not aware of this powerful gift they own.

They prefer to spend time by themselves simply because, for them, people’s vibe is just a mix nonsense noise that covers the real beauty that surrounds them.

However, I’ve heard cases when introverts are seen as awkward or creepy. And that’s because lacking in social interaction experience they tend to express an incongruent mix of emotions on which people they interact with don’t know how to react.

See, awkwardness or creepiness is simply a vibe. You can’t be awkward or creepy unless you make it so.

You can control this by being aware of your emotions and learning how to deal with them. More exactly by exposing yourself to as many social interactions as you can and learn from it.

Your mind is a fast learner. Start to observe how people react to your energy and start adapting it.

Put yourself in a crazy amount of social interactions. You might creep some people out but eventually, you will figure out the right vibe that makes you incredibly attractive.

Overall, if you get to know them, I believe that every introvert is a memorable individual that can make a huge impact into our days.

I hope you understand why these types are my kind of people and why I believe they have the biggest opportunity to stand out of the others.

Hopefully, this cleared some things up and I am waiting for your emails at [email protected]