You might already realize that there is no magic formula you could use to get a girl attention and as I already stated many times, the change must come from within yourself.

Anyway, you might wonder why women are attracted to certain guys and at the same time, they seem to be completely uninterested into others.

Well, if you believe that  it’s a game of looks, you’re wrong. It’s because you are boring and uninteresting.

But that’s why we are here in the first place, right? To pull out the best version out of you.

Anytime I’m interacting with people I focus on 3 principles that I use to create attraction and interest.

Those 3 things might look very simple but most people tend to overlook them into a conversation.

Anyway, you can apply them immediately and I guarantee you that the outcome will ALWAYS be a positive one.

Be relaxed!

Probably one of the most powerful tips I could have ever gotten.

A relaxed person is very attractive.

Let the others know that you’re comfortable with yourself. People will simply love to be around you.

Insecurities will only make you look creepy. Stop overthinking your next move.

Have you ever thought why it is so easy to spend quality time with your friends but you instantly freeze when you’re around people you don’t know, especially new women you just met?

It all comes down to your state of relaxation.

While you’re around your friends, you’re relaxed, you enjoy every minute, you don’t have to overthink your next words, everything just comes out naturally.

That’s what I want you to keep in mind next time you meet someone new. Relax, you will notice that people will be more comfortable around your presence.

Be positive!

Positivity is contagious. People love a nice smile, a strong positive vibe, passion within your words.

It just creates instant attraction. Never, ever say anything negative about yourself.

Never let anyone know about your insecurities. You are a man, don’t let anyone ever see you weak.

In fact, nobody actually gives a damn about the negative aspects of your life.

Always remember that STRENGTH is what make every woman interested.

Being positive require a lot of strength. And that’s attractive.

Unfortunately,  most of the people around us are negative. They are sad. They will give anything to be around someone who sees the positive in everything.

I personally surround myself with positive people, it just seems that nothing could go wrong.

Be confident! I

am over repeating this into every article until it will get bind inside your head!

If you manage to master this, you won on life. Period.

Practicing the two aspects I wrote earlier will ultimately lead to a confident personality. This should be your main goal.

Being confident mean nothing else than knowing that you can’t fail. Everything you do, every word you say, every step you take, simply lead to success. There is no other way.

Confidence is built by focusing on yourself rather than the others.

Besides that, why would you focus on anyone else but you?

Instead of focusing on how amazing your crush looks like, how well she dress, how smart she is, start focusing on yourself, find all the positive qualities of yourself.

You are the main character, all the attention should be pointed towards you.

If you don’t like something about you, change it. You can pretty much change everything.

Stop creating excuses.

Point every day 10 things you are proud of yourself and you will notice how your confidence will raise.


It can take time and practice but I can guarantee that this 3 principles will lead to a strong impact among people.


Until the next time,