No one can ever teach you how to approach a girl you like, there is no magic formula that you can follow step-by-step to bring that woman into your arms.

It is all up to you.

This anxiety is a common issue in the men world and nobody can really explain why is this happening but I believe that it comes out because, by being attracted to her, you suddenly feel vulnerable or inferior.

That’s what’s happening when emotions are involved, they make you question your authority and you really don’t want to fuck it up.

Grow up, you’re a man! You have no reason to feel like that and let me explain why.

There is not such a big competition as you think.

Yes, she may be noticed by hundreds of people daily but let’s be honest, how many of them actually have the balls to ask her out? Matter of fact, most of them can’t even properly keep a conversation up.

This gives you a hell of an advantage. So if you go and talk to her, I bet she will give you her full attention. It’s not her fault that her genes are more special. Taking attitude is what will make you stand out of the crowd. There is nothing to be afraid of.

Make her interested in you.

Now that you opened up a conversation, make sure you don’t mess it up.

And by that, I don’t really mean to carefully watch what you’re saying, but mostly be careful on how you’re saying it.

Watch how you feel around her, that’s the most important aspect.

Be relaxed, playful, don’t give her too much attention. You just met her anyway. Introduce yourself. Make her feel comfortable, don’t let your insecurities take control of you, don’t end up looking creepy. Pay attention to her, not her body.

Trust me, she is aware of her looks, you don’t have to tell her that.

Don’t compliment her, at least not now. She is used to it. Always keep in mind this one simple idea: all women are shy. Regardless how confident she looks, being approach by a man will definitely get her breathless for a moment.

Now it’s your job to be one. She will submit if you ask for it, be confident.

Don’t idolize her.

This is where every man mistakes. Women will look and feel superior to you, simply because you see her that way.

Inside your mind, you placed her on a pedestal and that’s what makes her unapproachable.

The reality is that she is just a human being who got lucky enough to look better than the average. Nothing that would require your adoration. Everyone noticed that. Be the one that notices something else. Be different than the crowd.

There must be something special about her besides her body. Find out which are her passions. Make her open to you.

If you can’t really restrain from noticing her looks, at least do it different than the others. Be playful, gently make fun of her clothes, get her into a position where nobody dares to bring her before.

Make her doubt about her looks for a second. Make her believe that you taste require more sustained effort to be satisfied. Show her that her mere presence is only enough to lower the oxygen in the room but not to impress you.

Alright gentleman, next time you meet a women you like, own your balls and make it count. There is nothing to lose.